Monday, September 20, 2010


There is a young man at Kolfe orphanage (our 1st stop on our trip),  well,  in fact there are 150 young men there,  but this post is about 1 of them.

Here is what I know about Dereje:

I know he uses crutches, but I don't know why.  I know he is respected and considered a leader among the boys.  I know he aspires to become a doctor.  He dreams of becoming a doctor.

He's made connections with a doctor from Texas who is establishing a fund for his schooling.

And,  I know he wants a computer.

If you have a used laptop (in good working order) that you would be willing to donate,  would you please let me know?

I know Dereje will appreciate it!  As will I.

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T.J. said...

I do have a three year old Pentium 4 based laptop that has ac adaptor and whose battery needs replacing. Otherwise a great machine for writing and research.