Thursday, September 16, 2010


One thing I have learned is that there are people who want to know about this trip,  and there are people who simply do not.  It's like food.  You either like rhubarb, or you don't.  I am pretty good, I think, about determining within the 1st few moments in a conversation, which camp the other person falls into.

Camp Tellmeallaboutit is a really fun place for me to visit.  As my last post proves, I have a lot to process...  and that's all pre-trip processing.  I'll be a stinky mess when I come home,  I am sure.  But for now talking this stuff out is fun and helpful and energizing.

I'm wondering a bit about how the folks arrived at Camp Surewhateverwhatsforlunch.  And I do mean wondering.  I like talking about this stuff and I tend to get a little obsessive about my passions,  but I don't think I broadcast the "All Megin all of the time" channel.  I like thinking about and talking about traveling and getting to meet new people and bare witness to an alternate reality and I want to know what a trip to Africa makes you wonder about.

Oh and by the way...  Diane's still making necklaces and you forgot about buying one for your friend's kid.  Great gift.  Everyone who has ordered one loves it!  Quick,  email me before you forget again!


Dawn said...

I have been wondering a lot about what this trip means for you. I think of it from a perspective of where you are in your life as a mom. I remember talking to you several times about how you couldn't wait to be a stay at home mom and I am soo happy you and Rob were able to make that happen. You're not an empty nester by any means but your children are more independent and I can only assume that there is a little more breathing room for you to figure out what you are now and what your next steps in life are. You are a passionate woman and clearly when you set your mind to something you make it happen. I am definitely in Camp Tellmeallaboutit and Camp CanIfitinyoursuitcase.

The Dirks Family said...

Just found your blog through Erin's... So excited for you! You will never be the same...

I am definitely in the Camp Tellmeallaboutit, and have been on the receiving end of the "other" camp since returning from Kolfe 12 days ago. I can't wait to read about your time there...

So excited for you to spend time with all of those precious Ethiopians!

Keep talking, keep telling there is so much we can do together... and give "Guwugu", aka Dereje a hug from Tamara!