Tuesday, July 20, 2010


If your kids play soccer,  how about donating their team jerseys?  How about collecting a teams worth?  Lots of the kids we will be meeting love soccer.  They often play with rolled up balls of trash.  I'd like to bring them soccer balls and team jerseys.  

Would you like to help?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Donation Suggestions:

When we ask what we should bring the response is most often:  everything.

That's pretty broad.  I am compiling a list of suggested donations, but really,  anything goes!

Motrin kids and adults
vitamins kids and adults
bandages (all sizes, the bigger the better) 
first aid tape
gauze bandages (large, with medical tape)  
lice shampoo
Anti- fungal creams (Tinactin works on ringworm)
educational materials to address hygiene and disease prevention (graphics are best due to language barrier)
colored pencils
soccer balls
deflatable playground balls
bouncy balls
card games
hair do-dads
origami paper
sports bras
feminine hygiene items

(Hey team:  please add to the list!)

Now listen:  Erin and Wendy are selling awesome t-shirts-  go buy one.  I can tell you the quality is awesome!  For every t sold a t will be brought to an orphan.  


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Name Jewelry

I am so super excited that Diane Brogran is donating her time and talent to my fundraising efforts.  Diane gave Lucy a sweet name necklace for her 6th birthday.  She LOVES it!

Look how adorable:

She also makes earrings!

If you would like to order, email me at meginhatch at gmail dot com. $10 if I can deliver it by hand, $13 to have it shipped directly to you.  I need to know:  the exact spelling of the name,  the wire color, and the cord color.

Wire Color: Pink Purple Blue Teal Green Black Silver 
Cord Color: Pink Purple Blue Teal Green Black

Take it from me these make a fantastic gift! Diane also made me silver earrings and they are unique and really pretty. EVERYONE misspells my name, so having a personalized gift that is inexpensive and pretty? ROCKS!

Diane makes lovely jewelry, and you should absolutely check out her stuff at:

Thank you so much for your support, Diane!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'm back from vacation.  I was mostly awash in relaxing camaraderie and thankful contentment.  Damn, I am so lucky to have the privilege of spending time with people who are kind and generous and welcoming and interested and interesting and smart and so unbearably funny.  Seriously.

Now it's time to get moving in the fundraisers. 

I got a voicemail while I was gone and Mexicali Blues is donating a gift card for the silent auction.  I am waiting to hear back a few other local places. 

My friend Kat is going to make a origami crane mobile for the auction.

I am actively seeking donations for the auction.  If you have donations of time, service, product, food etc.  I would be so happy to talk with you about it!

I am trying to select a few of my photos to auction, too.

In addition to the Night of Africa party (fun night out with other women from the trip and silent auction), I am also going to be throwing a Fair Trade party...  well, I'm not,  but my friend Emily is... :-)

Thanks for your interest in and your support of our trip!