Thursday, June 17, 2010


The day I decided I was going to go to Ethiopia I was having a Facebook chat with a friend.  I told her,  and her response was "YOU can be our fund-raiser!!"  I figured I had enough funds to raise,  but then she explained that she and her husband were throwing themselves a birthday party and wanted to raise money for a cause in lieu of gifts.

So,  I am officially a charity case.

Yesterday, I walked into the home of a fb friend to take some photos.  He had asked if we could barter my photography for his products (he makes soap and lotion).  The very 1st thing I saw was a scent called "African Rain."  A moment later he had agreed to donate some products to sell at upcoming fund-raisers.

Yesterday afternoon,  I was chatting with a friend on our porch who had been thinking about ways to fund-raise.  She's a Mary-Kay lady who doesn't really sell any products.  She offered to sell Mary-Kay as a fundraiser with all of the proceeds going towards the trip.

These are some creative ideas!  What would YOU do to raise money?

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