Sunday, June 13, 2010


When I heard we were spending a day in a leper colony things froze.

What's that now?

You can't be near leprosy! I am bagging this deal,  these people are nuts.  Wait,  leprosy still exists?  Wait,  what IS leprosy?  Isn't leprosy uber contagious?  Do people get leprosy in the US?

And here's what really mattered.  I know-  or I should say I can imagine being in orphanages.  Playing with the kids and meeting the caregivers and offering love and compassion and affection.


Korah,  the leper colony, is the darkest most hidden corner of poverty. Abject poverty.  What will I do here?  Will I feel safe?  Will I have courage to reach out?

I spoke with a nurse the other day,  who just returned from Ethiopia.  I'm reading.  I'm trying to open my heart, here.

Things aren't frozen now.  I AM going.  I do think these people-  the A team- are completely nuts,  but that's more from the conversations we've had than the Korah visit.  That... is a joke.  Kinda.

There is information about Korah here.

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Erin Moore said...

It's so not a joke....Sally literally refers to us as "these crazy chicks from Maine".

You, my friend, are guilty by association.