Thursday, June 10, 2010

But Why?

I'm not going to Ethiopia to change the world.  I am under no delusion that I will be fixing anything.

I am going because when I read the truths about Ethiopia they were unfathomable to me.   
I'm going because I want an adventure.
I'm going because I do not know poverty.
Because my family's needs are met  yet I grumble about not having enough.
I'm going because one basic need that people have is affection.
I'm going because I live in a fairytale world.
Because my troubles are inconsequential, yet the weight I give them makes them matter.
I'm going because except for the Caribbean I have never been outside the United States.
I'm going because I see the same things every day.
Because I want my children to know that acceptance matters.
I'm going because I want them to know that trying to help matters.

I am going because 4.8 million kids live in orphanages.  4.8.  Million.  That is one million MORE than the entire population of LosAngeles.

I am going because I believe that one of those children will someday be part of my family.

Those are some of the reasons that I am going.


Wendy said...

Beautifully worded. Just wait until you come back ...

Erin Moore said...

Yeah, when you come back you won't be able to write anything this profound for at least 2 months.

Your processor's turns into DOS or something.