Saturday, October 09, 2010

Notes From Ethiopia

I had an entry written and ready to go last night. It described the journey and a bit about our time in London and a bit about a fairly irritating baggage issue. I am not going to recount more than that because, frankly…it doesn’t matter. It didn’t get posted today because I learned that my friend Dereje was leaving for university early and I gave him the computer without bothering to clear off the post.

For that matter it doesn’t mean much that the 3 story guest house that we are staying in is perfect for our needs. The beds are comfy, the place is clean and the young women who help us with everything we need are kind and accommodating. Though I am certain that they think we are odd. Think? Know, thankyouverymuch.

I can’t even go into what does matter in great detail right now. It’s a bit after 1 am on…Sunday morning I suppose. I am sitting in an empty guest room because my roommate is sleeping, as I should be.

I will, for now, tell you that I looked (stared even) into the eyes of countless people today. Babies, men, women… and saw deeper than I ever have before. If I suspected that I new what compassion was before these couple of days, I was mistaken. If I thought that love at first sight was a myth, I was mistaken. Oh these children….these boys and these girls. These babies, these women and these men. The people I have met are so very- so very easy to love.

And I held a sobbing (10 year old?) girl today, saying goodbye and I thought I might break. And she held me, squeezing so tightly around my waist and in a broken voice said, “I love you. I love you and I will pray for you..”

And I knew, in fact,  that I would never be the same person again.


naswanson said...

The story is being written....

Marlo Jean Harris said...

At the risk of sounding shallow, crass, and emotionally stunted, I must say... those are some very handsome fellows.

The Dirks Family said...

Oh my stars! Guwugu!!! Please tell him Emnatu's mom absolutely LOVES the haircut... how handsome he is with his new do!!

So excited for you Megin, and can't wait to read more!