Monday, October 11, 2010

a few notes

I haven't written too much about the trip.  One reason is that we have been bizz-ay.  The other reason is because it's all a mess of emotional goo in my brain.  Another reason is because I brought 2 donation computers and am grateful for the times I get to mooch off of my roommate, Kim.

And then there is the big reason.  I don't know what to say.  For the purpose of general information here are some things I have noted:

-Driving is crazy.  Wherever, whenever, the bigger car wins.  There is more horn honking than in any city I've been in.  There are no emmission standards so this is where cars seem to come to die.

-There are goats and donkeys and cows and bulls everywhere-  city country, it makes no matter.  They tie up one leg of the donkey so that it can't wander far.  We saw a small pack of donkeys carrying so many cinderblocks it hurt to watch.

- Eye contact matters.  Asking adults to take photos matters.  and when you show them,  and look at them and tell them they are beautiful...  they know it's true.

-Coming here from the doesn't make someone amazing. Adventurous maybe... not amazing.

-Coming here for 10 days is not enough.  Not to make all of the stops and visits and do the work we want to do.  Its rushed.  I wasn to emerse myself here and learn more of the stories.  But I want to be everywhere and learn everything and that's not possible.

-I like meeting good people and I like laughing and I like smiling at strangers.


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